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Welcome to Spruce Knoll and Spruce Hill Polled Herefords Farms

Spruce Knoll and Spruce Hill Farms is a 200 acre family farm located in Deerfield, WI, which is just 15 miles southeast of Madison, WI (view map).  Over the past 40+ years we have built a fine herd of excellent pasture cattle.  The cattle are raised on home grown corn, hay, silage, and soybeans.

Our goal is to provide structurally correct cattle with sound feet and legs, good pigmentation, and balanced Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs). Our farm has a small feedlot where we feed out the prior year's calf crop while retaining a couple of yearling heifers for replacements. So, an additional emphasis is put on leanness of FAT, Ribeye Area (REA), and Intramuscular Fat (IMF) traits in our Artificial Insemination (A.I.) herd bull selection.

We typically have about 50 calves each year sired by several of the top breeding bulls in Hereford breed which include a couple of embryo transplant (ET) calves. The main ancestry is P606 progeny with the younger stock being Mo Magic progeny.  We have a few cows and top yearling heifer prospects for sale.

We sell around 15 head of cattle as quarters of beef to folks living in 33 cities in the Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois area. If you’re looking to purchase some beef during the May thru October time-frame, just let us know!






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A grazing polled Hereford cow.

Grazing Polled Hereford Cow
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